Rental Equipment

Lamont County ASB offers a wide variety of equipment available for rent to County residents. Phone the ASB office to reserve equipment. Deposits and rental payments can be made by cash or cheque only.

Equipment Name / Rate

  • Unit #808 Trailer Sprayer: $50.00/day; $300.00 Deposit
  • Unit #809 Trailer Sprayer: $50.00/day; $300.00 Deposit
  • Unit #820 Pasture/Range Sprayer: $50.00/day; $300.00 Deposit
  • Unit #818 Morand Cattle Squeeze: $50.00/day; $300.00 Deposit
  • Unit # 819 Morand Cattle Squeeze w/Palp: $50.00/day; $300.00 Deposit
  • Unit #812 Paul Scale: $20.00/day; $150.00 Deposit
  • Unit #813 Hoof Trimming Turntable: $30.00/day; $150.00 Deposit
  • Unit #814 Tree Planter: $15.00/day; $150.00 Deposit
Magpie Traps, Skunk Traps, Soil/Feed Sampler, Backpack Sprayer Free for 10 days. Deposit is non-refundable if not returned within 10 days. $100.00

Extra Charges:
  • Handling Charge (for each piece of equipment which the A.S.B. staff must return to Public Works yard.): $25
  • Cleaning Charge (for each piece of equipment which has been returned in a condition requiring cleaning by A.S.B. staff.): $25
  • Snaps & Cotter Pins (All equipment is supplied with safety snaps and cotter pins. If equipment is returned with these missing, a fee is charged.): $3.00/item
  • Shelter Belt Trees Handling Charge: $1.50/bundle