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A Fire Restriction has been issued for Lamont County effective April 15, 2021, at 4:00 PM. Fire hazard conditions have rapidly increased to the level where fires can start easily and grow quickly.

This Fire Restriction is in effect for all Lamont County rural areas including Hamlets.

This Fire Restriction:

  1. PROHIBITS the issuance of fire permits and the discharge of fireworks; and
  2. RESCINDS all previously approved fire permits and fireworks discharge permits; and
  3. ALLOWS safe fires in burning barrels provided they are equipped with metal mesh screens, located on a non-combustible surface a minimum of 3 meters from any combustible material including buildings; and
  4. ALLOWS fire pits contained with non-combustible material with a metal mesh screen, as well as charcoal briquette barbecues, propane/gas barbecue, and propane/gas fire pits.
All types of fires must be supervised and extinguished before leaving unattended.

This Fire Restriction will continue until further notice. Fire Restrictions can escalate into Fire Bans with little notice; therefore, please check this site frequently for updates.

If you have any questions, please contact Lamont County Emergency Services at (780) 895-2233, ext. 236.

Fire Permit Guidelines
Fire Permit Checklist

No Burning in the Skaro Fire Area

Please be advised Lamont County Emergency Services allows fire permits to be issued with the exception of the area that encompasses the Skaro Fire Area. Excluded locations are listed below:
  • Twp Road 582 from Hwy 831 to Range Road 185
  • South on Range Road 185 to Twp Road 572
  • West on Twp Road 572 to Hwy 831
As per Lamont County Fire Bylaw 715.11 Section 3.4 A) No permits shall be issued for muskeg / peat moss lands.

Fire Permit Important Information

There is no burning of brush piles in Lamont County between April 1st and October 31st as per Lamont County Policy #4135, unless otherwise stated.

Fire permits are required for any type of burn year round. Fire permits are no charge and can be issued online or at Andrew, Bruderheim, Lamont, and Mundare administration offices. Some important things to remember about your fire permit:
  • First call the Lamont County Fire Advisory Line at 780-895-7674 listen for information on current fire ban status.
  • Read the section of the permit relating to wind conditions and the phone number for the weather station.
  • It is strongly recommended that you have fire insurance.
  • Read both sides of the permit; side 1 has regulations and side 2 has the bylaws & conditions.
  • If you do not obtain a fire permit and the fire department responds to a report of a fire on your property, even if your burn is contained, you will be responsible for the costs associated with the dispatching of the fire units to your property.

Firefighting Cost Recovery

For information on the charges related to Fire Response Services, please review Fire Billing Policy #4130.