Road Closure Update

Posted on Thursday May 27, 2021 at 09:28AM

Lamont County Public Works is performing maintenance on roads and culverts that have been affected by spring drainage and a slow defrost. Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding while improvements are made.

The following roads are closed for maintenance as of June 2, 2021:

  • RR190 between Twp 580 and Twp 582
  • RR191 between Hwy 45 and Twp 562
  • Twp 564 between RR 191 and RR 192
  • RR 163 between Twp 523 and 524
  • Twp 572 between RR 180 & RR 181
  • RR 183 between Twp 542 & Hwy 15
  • RR155 between Twp 584 & Twp 582
  • RR 185 between Hwy 45 & TWP 572
Please obey all road closure signs and barriers; anyone found not complying with road closures can be charged $243 for failure to obey a traffic control device. Anyone found responsible for damaging signs or barricades can be charged with criminal mischief.

For a list and interactive map of Lamont County Road Closures visit the Public Works Roads page. Please direct any questions to Lamont County Public Works at 780-895-2547 or email

Author: Lamont County


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