Bridge Weight Restrictions

Posted on Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 08:53AM

Please be advised that the following bridges in Lamont County have weight restrictions:


Bridge File: 1282 SW30-53-17-W4M – 10 tonnes
Twp534 between RR180 and RR175

Bridge File: 1691 SE18-57-16-W4M – 3 tonnes
Twp572 between RR165 and RR170

Bridge File: 322 NW34-55-19-W4M – 10 tonnes
RR193 between Twp560 and Hwy29

Bridge File: 129 NE33-55-19-W4M – 3 tonnes
Twp560 between RR193 and Hwy831

To ensure your safety, please follow the restrictions as they are posted.

Author: Lamont County


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